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Drainage Contractors - Livingston County, IL - Serving Central Illinois, located in Fairbury

Excavating Contractors - Serving Central IL, Livingston County

Do you need help clearing land for a new construction project?  Look no further than Kafer Tiling and Excavating for quality excavating service you can count on.

Turn your dream projects into reality

With a long-reach excavator, laser-guided dozer and backhoe available to asist with any of your projects, you can expect our experienced team of professionals to help with crafting any new waterways, building pads, and much  more, at an affordable price.

Revamp your property with professional excavating service:
  • Long-reach excavating
  • Laser-guided dozer work
  • Backhoe work
  • DItch cleaning
  • Waterways
  • Building pads
  • Site development
  • Demolition
  • Land clearing

Get your land looking its best at an affordable price - call Kafer Tiling and Excavating today at 815-692-3641 to schedule your appointment!